Maryum Tower Lahore

Establish Your Business in the Heart of Lahore

Circular Road, near Bhati Gate


Introducing the Maryum Tower; a new high rise business complex offering premium shops right in the heart of the busiest commercial center of Lahore. Shops And Offices For Sale!

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Maryum Tower Lahore Lahore
Maryum Tower Lahore Lahore
Maryum Tower Lahore Lahore
Maryum Tower Lahore Lahore
Maryum Tower Lahore Lahore
Maryum Tower Lahore Lahore
Maryum Tower Lahore Lahore
Maryum Tower Lahore Lahore
Maryum Tower Lahore Lahore



Circular Road, near Bhati Gate




Maryum Tower

Establish your business in the heart of Lahore

Valuable Shops at Circular Road, near Bhati Gate

Impossible is Possible

Ever thought of establishing your business at one of the most popular markets in Lahore? Say… at the Circular Road near Bhati Gate? Impossible, you’d say. How could you possibly start your business in a bazaar that is already filled to capacity, you’d ask. Well, the impossible is about to become possible!

A New Star is Born

Lahore’s horizon is now witnessing the birth of a new star which dazzles all eyes by the opportunities it offers. Introducing the Maryum Tower; a new high rise complex offering premium shops right in the heart of the city. The time has come to kickstart your dream business in the hottest commercial location of Lahore!

The Wonderful Location

Maryum Tower brings you all the advantages of a prime location because it is conveniently located at Circular Road, near the famous and historic Bhati Gate – one of the many gates of the Walled City. This is a dream come true for those who want to be a Shop owner in this busy commercial area.

Where Business Thrives

In close proximity to Shah Alam Market, Urdu Bazar and Anarkali Bazar, Maryum Tower offers you the golden opportunity to own your exclusive space in this wonderful commercial complex. This is where business really thrives. Get all the advantages of the most prime location which guarantees tremendous business opportunities.

Get Your Containers Delivered to Your Doorstep

Maryum Tower is the ONLY commercial complex of Central Lahore with the unique facility of parking and unloading facility for Containers. Here, you can get huge containers of goods parked and unloaded right at your doorstep.

Lahore’s Busiest Commercial Hub

Set up your business in the biggest market area of Lahore with more than 20 thousands shops, segmented into more than 25 Bazaars. This is the area where thousands of wholesale and retail deals are made every day of the week. It is undoubtedly the centre of all commercial activity of Punjab.

Choose Your Business

The Shopping Mall, spread over eight floors, is for those who want to set up their business at a busy place where the inflow of thousands of customers is guaranteed. Modern Lifts and walkways ensure a wonderful business experience for everyone. You can choose from shops of various sizes, suitable for all business types including Stationary, Paper, Garments, Packaging, Medical, Books, Cosmetics, Shoes and many more.

Shops of All Sizes

Maryum Tower is designed to facilitate small and medium enterprises as well as big business. Here, you can choose from a variety of shops, big and small, with easy payment plans. What are you waiting for? Fill out the form on our website and make your booking today!

Parking Facility

Spacious and convenient parking is what separates Maryum Tower from other complexes in the area. You cannot dream of this facility from Shah Alam Gate right up to the Circular Road. But at Maryum Tower you can comfortably park your vehicle in the large front parking area.

Highly Affordable

In these days of sky rocketing prices Maryum Tower promises to be the only commercial complex to suit your needs and pockets. With a bare minimum booking amount, Maryum Tower offers you highly profitable shops at very affordable rates. Glance through the payment plans and you will be surprised to know that you can book a unit so easily.


  • Earthquake Proof Structure
  • Front area Car Parking
  • Modern Lifts
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Round the Clock Security
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Prayer Area