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The Grand Atrium

The Most Entertaining and Exciting Place in Faisalabad

Toyota Faisalabad Motors, West Canal Road، Canal Rd, Near Mansoorabad, Faisalabad, Punjab 38000, Pakistan


The Grand Atrium promises to be an enticing, attractive, and extraordinary shopping destination. The Grand Atrium Payment Plan and Location.

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The Grand Atrium Faisalabad
The Grand Atrium Faisalabad
The Grand Atrium Faisalabad
The Grand Atrium Faisalabad



Toyota Faisalabad Motors, West Canal Road، Canal Rd, Near Mansoorabad, Faisalabad, Punjab 38000, Pakistan




The Grand Atrium

A Fascinating World

Enter the fascinating world of The Grand Atrium, where excellence with a touch of class meets innovation. The Grand Atrium, the luxurious shopping mall, is located at Faisalabad’s prime location. This fascinating area of Faisalabad ensures a truly great atmosphere for establishing a business at the most desirable location in the heart of city.

Location Counts

Located on the Canal Road, The Grand Atrium offers you the golden opportunity to own your exclusive space in this state-of-the-art commercial complex. Canal Road is the expressway which connects the city to major corporate hubs and Industrial zones as well as major posh areas. Get all the advantages of the most sophisticated and prime location which guarantees tremendous future opportunities.

All the Essentials

The Grand Atrium promises to be an enriching, extraordinary shopping destination which combines all the essentials of a great Mall; a centrally air-conditioned arena, thriving business atmosphere, invigorating shopping and thousands of buyers. It’ll be the dream location for goods and products from name-brand designers and local creative artists to fashion outlets and women’s clothing.

Shops and Showrooms

The project offers elegant shops and spacious showrooms of all sizes for setting up all types of successful business ventures. The centrally air conditioned shopping mall guarantees to attract thousands of customers every single day. The Grand Atrium offers the chance of a lifetime to get a shop or a showroom to start the thriving business you have always dreamed of.

Uninterrupted Power for Your Business

Setting up a business in The Grand Atrium means an end to the miseries caused by constant load shedding. It means uninterrupted power supply to the centrally air conditioned Mall at all times. Huge generators will provide a parallel system of 24-hour nonstop power to the entire shopping complex, attracting thousands of customers who prefer to shop in a cool, comfortable atmosphere.

Discover a New World

The mall promises to be an architectural landmark, a gleaming edifice of steel and glass, housing the most modern shopping facilities. Combining a thriving business atmosphere, invigorating shopping, entertainment and savory cuisine, The Grand Atrium will be the place to go for an extraordinary shopping and entertainment experience.

Revolutionizing Shopping

The Grand Atrium is the first ever shopping mall of true international standards in the city providing a complete range of shopping and entertainment facilities. The Grand Atrium aims to revolutionize the shopping experience in the city. The mall is ideally located with easy approach. A friendly community mall, with a family oriented setting, providing a very safe and secure family atmosphere for shopping.

Stylish and Modern

Equipped with world class amenities, The Grand Atrium brings you a whole new world of style and luxury; Hi-Tec modern escalators and elevators, fascinating atrium, wide walkways, beautiful prayer area, and a floor dedicated for Food Court, housing popular local restaurants and international food chains, as well as 2 screen Multiplex Cinema.

Al-Fatah is Already There!

The famous supermarket Al-Fatah, already operating at the lower ground floor, is equipped with the fascinating display of huge varieties of groceries, fresh food, meat , household, crockery, electronics, & much more which is attracting customers from all around the city with easy 3 way approach.

Multi Screen Cinema Complex

The Grand Atrium is introducing the latest digital cinema technology with 3D capability in Faisalabad. The multi-screen cinema complex is equipped with state-of-the-art digital projection, including Dolby Digital & DTS Surround Sound. The two-screen multiplex is set to introduce the first Platinum and Gold class cinemas in the city that will take the movie experience to a completely new level.

Food Court

Shopping and Entertainment is never completed without exotic and tasty cuisine. The Food Court of The Grand Atrium will cater to the thousands of customers coming here daily. Leading National and International food Brands including Subway, OPTP, Chacha Piru, Pizza & Pasta are already there. And more brands are planning to join in.

Ample Parking

The magnificent multi-storey The Grand Atrium provides ample space and adequate parking areas for visitors and shoppers. The shopping mall design strives to provide ease to the customers with ample car parking space to ensure convenience for the shoppers.

Safe and Secure

Today’s shopping malls need world class security so that the thousands of customers feel safe and secure. The Grand Atrium is equipped with state-of-the-art security systems that include special surveillance, secure & peaceful environment, Security Guards and round the clock CCTV Network. Every floor has its own fire fighting system and emergency exits, besides powerful stand-by generators for uninterrupted power supply.

Set Up Your Business For Success!

The Grand Atrium is Pakistan’s finest commercial complex which offers highest level of thriving business opportunities to those who have plans to set up their business in a grand shopping mall. The shopping mall offers wonderful investment options with a minimum booking amount and very easy payment plans.

A Whole World of Amenities

  • HVAC System
  • 24-Hours Stand-By Power Generation
  • Escalators
  • Passenger Elevators
  • Goods Elevators
  • Inside & Outside Armed Mall Security
  • CCTV System
  • Fire Hydrant System
  • Smoke Alarm System
  • Ample Car Parking
  • Valet Parking Facility
  • Fire Escape
  • Wash Rooms & Baby Changing Room
  • Prayer Area
  • Fire Fighting System
  • Customer Information Desk