Barkat Square

The Future Commercial Hub of Mumtaz City

100' Wide, Comm 5/10 A, Main Civic Centre, Allama Iqbal Ave, Mumtaz City Islamabad, Pakistan


This project, by the Shaukat Ali Associates, boasts a marvelous Margallah facing view and each shop is front facing by design. Offices also feature extraordinary views, fresh air and ample sunlight.


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100' Wide, Comm 5/10 A, Main Civic Centre, Allama Iqbal Ave, Mumtaz City Islamabad, Pakistan



Barkat Square

Barkat Square – A Blessing in Disguise

Shaukat Ali Associates (SAA) proudly introduces Barkat Square, the modern hub of robust business activity. Barkat Square comprises of high standard shops and offices situated in the main civic commercial No. 5 of Mumtaz City. The project is centrally located with its three sides open and provides an opportunity to each client to have front facing shops and highly equipped offices.

Barkat Square has the most modern outlook and is well equipped with up to date amenities which include lifts, emergency exits, high quality flooring and materials. The project has a Margallah facing view and is designed in such a fashion that every shop is a front facing shop. All the offices also possess extraordinary views, fresh air and ample sunlight.

A Project by Shaukat Ali Associates

Shaukat Ali Associates was created with a vision and resolve to deliver quality construction services in both residential and commercial ventures. They have earned the honor of being the custodian of trust for their valued clients. Their unflinching resolve in safeguarding the interests of their clients makes them unique. They believe in excellence of execution in all their endeavors.

About the Builder

Abdullah Construction Services (ACS) is a trusted name in construction of mega projects, high-rise buildings and modern business complexes. They own state-of-the-art equipment which is required to shape up the needs of future businesses and luxury living concepts. Their team of experts and professionals are hardworking, capable and always exploring. They believe in hard work, sincerity and innovation. Their motivation to keep delivering comes from the trust of their valued clients.

Prime Location

Cradled in the center of Islamabad, Mumtaz City is the new benchmark of contemporary lifestyle which is never experienced before. It has taken the center stage by providing easy access to Islamabad’s new airport which is only 5 minutes’ drive from it. The project is designed by the best town planners and is equipped with every modern day facility one can wish for. Mumtaz City promises to be your dream destination for a brighter future.

A New Visionary Project

Barkat Square offers the best opportunity to start your business on a location which is the future hub of trade in the twin cities. We invite all leading national and international brands to be a part of this venture. Our unique location gives us an edge over the others in benefitting and furthering the businesses.

The Future for Business Activity

  • 10 mins from G-14 Sector
  • 5 mins from New Islamabad Airport
  • 5 mins from Metro Bus Station
  • Registry
  • Shops
  • 24/7 Security and Surveillance
  • Ample Parking
  • Modern Architecture
  • Roof Top Area
  • Offices