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Top City Agreement Signing Press Release

posted by: Avataradmin
Dated: 16-07-2018

A grand Agreement Signing Ceremony for marketing the most modern housing scheme adjacent to the new Islamabad Airport, Top City-1, was held in Serena Islamabad. Chief Operating Officer of Top City-1 Mr. Ghulam Yaseen and the Chief Executive of Star Marketing Mr. Wasiq Naeem, signed the agreement. The event was attended by Mr. Mohsin Shaikhani, Chairman ABAD, Mr. Syed Sarmad Ali, President APNS, Mr. Khalid Malik, Senior Vice President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Asha’ar Khwaja, Deputy CEO Top City-1, Mr. Mohammad Raza, Chief Administrator, Top City-1, Mr. Adeel Mirza,CFO, Top City-1, Mr. Akhlaq Ahmad, MD, Star Marketing, Kanwar Qutubuddin Khan, Anjum Aqeel, Adnan Basheer Khan, Waseem Tabish, Hanif Khalid, Saleem Sualeh, Arif Jeewa, Afzal Hameed, Haroon Bakhshi, Abdul Kareem Ardiya, Raees Ahmad, Mohammad Ayub, Syed Ashraf Hameed, Anwar Gagai, Hanif Patel, Hasan Bakhshi, Mohammad Ameen, Arif Shaikhani, Haroon Kareem, Regional Directors and Executives of Star Marketing and other well-known real estate dealers and journalists. Mr. Akhlaq Ahmad, MD Star Marketing, opened the ceremony with his address in which he shed light on the bright prospects in Top City-1. Mr Mohammad Raza, Chief Administrator of Top City-1 lauded the potential of the grand scheme to influence Islamabad’s living standards. He said that Top City-1 is finally ready to be launched as the first Smart City of Pakistan. Mr. Syed Sarmad Ali, President APNS, in his speech congratulated both the parties on the venture and asserted that it is going to breed fruit very soon. Mr. Khalid Malik, Senior Vice President of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce applauded Mr. Wasiq Naeem’s struggle for the real estate sector of the country and said that the venture will be a great success. Chairman ABAD, Mr. Mohsin Shaikhani explained that the real estate sector and ultimately the population of Pakistan is in need of hundreds of thousands of affordable housing units. This venture is going to contribute in the situation which is much appreciated. At the end, the signing of the agreement between the two key persons took place and the ceremony ended with a commitment to make a difference.

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