Rawal Mall and Residencia

A Mall of Dreams and Destiny

Service Rd S, C Block Block C Satellite Town, Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan


Rawal Mall & Residencia is emerging as the ideal investment opportunity for those who dream of setting up their business or residence in Rawalpindi.

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Rawal Mall and Residencia Rawalpindi
Rawal Mall and Residencia Rawalpindi
Rawal Mall and Residencia Rawalpindi



Service Rd S, C Block Block C Satellite Town, Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan


24 Hour Helpine: 0300-5558517, 0300558518. UAN: 051-111-111-160. Whatsapp: 0302-7611211


Rawal Mall & Residencia

Prime Location on Murree Road

Rawal Mall & Residencia, located on the main Murree Road, is emerging as the ideal investment opportunity for those who have been dreaming of setting up their business or residence in this popular and busy area. The project offers spacious shops, corporate offices and luxurious apartments, all featuring unique and elegant designs.

90% Ready Structure

The Rawal Mall & Residencia is rapidly nearing completion. Most of the foundational work is already complete and all that remains are the final finishing touches. This means that you don't have to wait several years to set up your new business or move into your new home. In fact, you can visit the project yourself using this map to check its progress.

Early Possession & Convenient Payment Plans

As the finishing stage of this complex approaches, the Developers are ready to hand over the possession of Shops, Corporate Offices & Luxury Apartments within only 15 months. This, in itself, is a great opportunity for those who want to kick start their business immediately, or set up residence at the earliest. The offer is even more appealing because you have the advantage of paying the cost of your unit in 30 monthly installments. So you can start your business in 15 months, and pay the cost while earning profits from the business. 

Flexible Options & Lucrative Business Opportunities

The Rawal Mall & Residencia is a one-stop shopping mall that aims to fully satisfy the needs of Rawalpindi's shopaholics. A promising location on main Murree Road along with a state-of-the-art design and modern infrastructure will ensure a large influx of daily visitors to the mall. This means that opening up shop here will be very lucrative in the long-run. To facilitate business owners and investors, the Developers behind this project have decided to make shops of all sizes available. So, whether you're looking for a small shop to start up your business or a large one to expand your brand's presence, you can be sure that Rawal Mall & Residencia will have what you're looking for. 

VIP Corporate Offices

Set up your own Corporate Office on any of the two corporate floors of the Rawal Mall & Residencia. Each office showcases elegant and stylish designs with various customization options available so your office can accurately reflect your brand's identity. It goes without saying that air-conditioning, 24/7 power supply and routine maintenance services are also available on each floor. With sleek, cost-effective and high-tech workspaces, the Rawal Mall & Residencia's corporate offices are uniquely designed for 21st century entrepreneurs and businesspeople.

Home to the Biggest Retail Outlets

From the leaders in sustainable fashion & jewelry to the pioneers in high-tech gadgets and electronics, the Rawal Mall is home to the biggest brands in the country. Make your mark among the top brands and businesses by booking your shop or showroom today! Call us on our toll free number: 021-111-111-160.

Luxury Apartments

The apartments are spacious, warm, and tasteful. They feature wide open terraces, large bedrooms, lavish living areas and a beautiful aesthetic. Residents also have access to a separate elevator, exclusively for them. The apartments are designed using modern techniques and the finest quality materials to ensure that residents have absolutely no complaints regarding workmanship.

State-of-the-Art Safety & Security System

In accordance with the needs of our times, the Rawal Mall & Residencia has developed a cutting-edge and foolproof security system. This includes a 24/7 surveillance system, highly-trained security guards and remote sensors and checks at key points. Each floor has an independent fire-fighting system and emergency exit access.

Other Amenities & Facilities

  • Roof Top Gymnasium
  • Roof Top Restaurant
  • Beauty Saloon
  • Turkish Brand Café
  • Prayer Room
  • Unique Elevation
  • High-speed Elevators
  • Top-class Escalators
  • Earthquake Resistant Structure
  • Wide Passages and Walkways
  • State-of-the-Art Fire Fighting System
  • 24/7 CCTV Surveillance
  • Basement Car Parking
  • Powerful Stand-by Generators
  • Central Air Conditioning