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Star Marketing

Karachi: Star Marketing Private Limited threw an annual dinner to its employees at Rangoli, Arena last week. All employees from Karachi region gathered to relish a supper. No one knew that the management had other plans. The annual dinner turned out to be a little award distribution ceremony where the management acknowledged the best performers. The regional head, Mr. Ghias Anwer, had assigned some targets to the team in the previous year. All those targets were successfully chased by employees. Therefore, as a token of appreciation, the management awarded the extraordinary performers with cash incentives. Wajeeha, Meerat, Sualeha, Zeeshan, Zohaib, Khushbu, Shehroze, Danish, Umair and Aslam bagged the cash award. Some extraordinary performers were also rewarded with company maintained cars. They were Azhar Mehmood, Mumtaz, and Haris Khan. The founder, Mr. Wasiq Naeem, Chairperson, Mrs. Farzana Wasiq, and Nabeeha (their daughter) made special appearance in the evening. Besides, some key employees from Manhill Advertising Private Limited— the sister concern of Star Marketing — also joined. There were some motivational and informal speeches also made on the podium to engage and entertain the audience. In addition — to add the fun element — the management telecasted a play from the last year’s Hulla Gulla night on the projector. It was so gladdening for employees to watch themselves performing on the big screen. At last, dinner was served. It was a buffet with numerous mouth-watering dishes. Employees ate keeping in mind that the next dinner is a year away. The moral of the story: Employees couldn’t be happier to have attended such a stimulating evening after a tiring week at work. They promised to continue to work relentlessly for the organization and improve its standing globally. Whilst, the management also pledged to provide the team with support, recognition, and prosperity.

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