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Android Phone App

Karachi: Last night, at the cricket tournament organized by the company, the IT department announced the launch of the Android Phone App of Star Marketing Private Limited. In the awards distribution ceremony after the match, the Managing Director of the company, Mr. Akhlaq Ahmad introduced employees and guests with what the organization is up to. In his words, “The world is turning digital. To catch up with the new form of the world and its business, we needed to change. So we did. We have developed our own Android Phone App to universalize our presence.” The audience was receptive of the new product and asked questions about how it is going to be. When someone asked Mr. Arsalan Qureshi – the head of IT department — why he chose mobile, he answered, “With the hasty shift of people on mobile from computers, it became less effective to continue serving on the web alone. To ensure, everyone out there in need of our help or services have painless real time access to us, we developed our presence on their phones that are always in their pockets.” The newly released Android Phone App is capable of doing so much. It is housed with a number of user-friendly features that simplify the ways of getting information. Users can now access all real estate projects on their phones, they will also receive updates of the new projects. They can view video ads, call us anytime for free, and create a feedback. Users will also be able to access Star Marketing’s news and event updates on their apps. To learn more about the app, you can read here. “All this is going to connect us more to our users than ever before. We now ready to forge a closer and deeper relation with our customers,” added Mr. Qureshi. The app is now available for download at Google Store. It is free to download and use with no subscription charges or additional fee whatsoever.

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